4 Best iPad Pro Keyboard with Trackpad in 2023 | Choose Right One For You

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Are you struggling to find the best iPad Pro keyboard with trackpad? No worries! Because In this guide, I’m only going to cover iPad pro keyboards which have trackpads. 

iPad is the best tablet which offers you many features and by adding the best keyboard case, you convert your iPad into a laptop for seamless use. 

The best keyboard with a trackpad doesn’t only allow you to physically type and track but also helps you in many other ways such as protecting your iPad. 

But the question is, how will you find the best keyboard with a trackpad for your iPad pro?

So, I have done extensive research and found the 4 leading keyboards with a trackpad for the iPad pro. I’m putting together all that information in this guide to share with you to make your process a little easier. 

Ready? Let’s explore the 4 best iPad pro keyboards with trackpad!

4 Best iPad Pro Keyboard with Trackpad

It’s very hard to choose the best keyboard with a trackpad for your iPad because there are lots of choices in the market and many factors which you need to consider. 

At the end of this guide, you can read which factors you need to consider while choosing the keyboard for your iPad. 

So, after doing solid research, looking at product features, ratings and customer reviews. I have found the 4 best iPad pro keyboards which have trackpads and are also leading in the market right now:

  1. Apple Magic Keyboard
  2. Logitech Combo Touch 
  3. Brydge Keyboard 12.9 Max
  4. ZAGG Pro Max

1. Apple Magic Keyboard – Best  Premium Case

Best ipad pro keyboard with trackpad: Apple Magic keyboard

The magic keyboard has an elegant design and also offers you some magic features such as smart connectivity, a magnetic case, and a USB port and it requires no charging. That’s why people all around the world love Apple’s products. 


  • iPad Pro 12.9 inches ( 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th gen)
  • iPad Pro 11 inches (3rd, 2nd and 1st Generation) and iPad Air (5th and 4th Generation)

Colour: White or Black 

Pricing: $399 for iPad pro 12.9 and $299 for iPad 11 approximately.

The price mentioned above is the regular price and it may vary based on various factors such as timing, location and specifications. So, check the link above to know the exact pricing. 


  • It has a premium look and design and no other keyboard in this list can beat the design feature of the Apple magic keyboard
  • You don’t need to attach the case manually because your iPad magnetically attaches to the case.
  • It comes with smart connectivity technology which automatically pairs the keyboard with your iPad. It means you don’t need to wait for a connection. Once the iPad is attached to the keyboard case, you can immediately start using the keyboard. 
  • You can fold the keyboard case in the forward direction as you close any laptop. So, it is good for front and back protection. 
  • It also has a USB port. By using it, you can easily pass through charging for your iPad and free up your iPad for other accessories. 
  • You don’t need to separately charge it. Because it doesn’t have any battery and power is directly sourced from the iPad. 
  • You can use multiple gestures for tracking as its trackpad is designed for multi-touch
  • Quiet and responsive typing experience.
  • You can smoothly adjust the angle for perfect viewing.


  • Expensive
  • No iPad shortcut keys
  • No side protection 
  • The case is not detachable
  • No pocket to keep your pencil secure while travelling. 

Who is this for?

Apple Magic Keyboard is perfect if you have a high budget and want a branded look and cool features like smart connectivity technology, USB-C port and no charging. 

Keep in mind that the apple magic keyboard case is not detachable and there is no iPad shortcuts row. For these features, you can check the next keyboards on this list.

2. Logitech Combo Touch: Best Overall 

Logitech combo touch keyboard case for Ipad pro

Logitech combo touch is the overall best keyboard for iPad pro because it is less expensive and has many features to offer you. 

Do you know that Apple also recommends Logitech’s product for the iPad?

Yes! I have seen on Apple’s official website that they recommend a Logitech for iPad accessories. So, this is a great alternative to the apple magic keyboard. 

The keyboard case is detachable and has an adjustable kickstand with 50-degree tilts. So, the combo touch offers you endless possibilities for typing, viewing, sketching and reading. Here are four use modes of combo keyboard case:

  • Read: While reading, you don’t need a keyboard, so you can simply detach it and focus on reading.  
  • Type: Allows you to pull out the kickstand and you can easily start typing
  • View: Detach the keyboard, pull the out keyboard and start watching or taking your video calls comfortably.
  • Sketch: You can fully extend the kickstand to get a perfect angle.


  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th & 6th gen) 
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th gen),
  • iPad Air(4th & 5th gen). 

Colour: Oxford grey or sand

Pricing: Costs around $299 for iPad pro 12.9 and $199 for iPad pro 11

As you know, prices vary based on various factors, so check the above links to know exact prices for iPad 11 and iPad 12.9.


  • Thinnest design and is made of smooth woven fabric. So, the keyboard case is comfortable, attractive and has no to fewer chances of scratches. 
  • You can adjust the kickstand and detach the keyboard case, which gives you endless opportunities for typing, viewing, sketching and reading on your iPad. 
  • Provides front, back and side protection.
  • A full row of iPad shortcut keys.
  • Largest trackpad with multi-touch(allows you to swipe, tap, pinch & scroll) and a click-anywhere feature for more control and precision. 
  • Backlit keys with 16 levels and automatic or manual change.
  • It has smart connectivity technology so your keyboard will automatically pair with your iPad.
  • It also gets power directly from your iPad, so you don’t need to charge your combo touch keyboard separately.


  • Comfortable, smooth & attractive look, but not as premium as Apple’s magic keyboard.
  • No pocket to keep your pencil secure while travelling. The space is only good for charging your apple pencil.
  • The iPad doesn’t magnetically connect with the case. 

Who is this for?

Logitech combo touch is best if you want an affordable keyboard case which provides front, back, and corner protection, smart connectivity, and iPad shortcut keys and requires no charging. 

Brydge Keyboard 12.9 Max: Best For Design

Brydge Keyboard 12.9 Max

The next keyboard with a trackpad is the brydge keyboard, 12.9 max. It offers you a premium look for your iPad along with some cool features such as a magnetic back cover, 135˚ screen rotation, and the biggest trackpad with multi-touch gestures. 

It uses Bluetooth technology for connection but has an instant-on feature, which means by pressing a single key you can wake your iPad and start using it instantly.

It needs separate charging and its battery lasts for up to 3 months if you use it without a backlight. With a backlight, you can use it for 40 hours. For charging, you can use a USB-C cable.  


  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd, 4th & 5th gen), 
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd & 3rd Gen), 
  • iPad Air (5th & 4th Gen)

Color: Space Gray

Price: Approximately $249.99 &  $199 for iPad pro 12 and 11, respectively. 

As you know, the exact price may vary based on many factors, so check the exact price below.


  • Premium aluminium design with protection
  • It has a magnetic back cover, which means you can magnetically attach your iPad to a case. 
  • Instant connectivity via Bluetooth. 
  • 135-degree screen rotation to find the perfect viewing angle.  
  • Largest multi-touch trackpad 
  • Backlit keys with 3 levels to work during the day or night. 
  • 3-month battery life.
  • Has an iPad shortcut keys row.


  • The keyboard needs separate charging. 
  • The case is not detachable
  • USB-C port is only for charging the keyboard case, you cannot pass through charging to the iPad. 

Who is this for?

Brydge Keyboard 12.9 Max can be a perfect fit for you if you want a premium look with the magnetic case, the largest tracked and iPad shortcuts. And you’re okay to charge your keyboard separately.

ZAGG PRO Keys With Trackpad: Best Budget Option

ZAGG PRO Keys With Trackpad:

ZAGG pro keys is another cool keyboard for iPad pro which offers you the most features and costs you low as compared to other iPad keyboards on this list. 

The key features include a wireless keyboard with a detachable case, an adjustable stand, and multi-device pairing. 

The best thing is it also has a holder for an apple pencil which securely keeps your pencil in place. So, there is no chance of missing your apple pencil. 

ZAGG pro keys need separate charging and its battery lasts up to 3 months if you use it for 1 hour per day. 


It is available for many iPad versions but the trackpad is only available for an iPad pro 12.9 inch and an iPad Air 10.2. 

Pricing: Around $150. 

You can check the link above to know the exact price. 


  • It has a lightweight design
  • Provides reliable protection with rubberized edges, button covers and a corner bumper. 
  • A detachable case with an adjustable stand. 
  • Bluehost integrated trackpad to quickly scroll, swipe and navigate. 
  • It has laptop-style keys, optimal key travel for cleaning and precise keystrokes for a comfortable typing experience. 
  • The backlit key with 7 different colours and gives you typing freedom even in a low-lighting environment. 
  • Multi-device pairing, which allows you to connect 2 devices simultaneously. 
  • Holder for apple pencil protection 
  • Has iPad shortcut keys. 


  • No smart connectivity technology 
  • Needs separate charging. 
  • The look is good but not premium 

Who is this for?

ZAGG pro keys can be the best fit for you if you want a keyboard case under $150 with a detachable case, reliable protection, multi-device pairing and iPad shortcut keys. 

Things You Should Consider While Choosing the best iPad Pro Keyboard with a trackpad

There are many factors which you need to keep in mind while choosing the best iPad Pro keyboard with a trackpad. And here are some of the most important factors:


Check whether the keyboard case is compatible with your iPad version and generation. Otherwise, you may face issues with attaching and connecting your iPad to the keyboard. 


The next thing you should check in the keyboard case is how it connects with your iPad. Whether it uses smart technology, Bluetooth or a wired connection. 

The smart technology is the best out of all these connections because your iPad will automatically get connected to the keyboard and you can immediately start using it. 

Power and Battery life

The keyboard case is an external accessory for your iPad, so you have to check its power. Mainly there are two types of keyboard cases, without battery and with battery. 

The keyboard without a battery directly gets power from your iPad, so you don’t need to charge it separately.  

If the keyboard case has its own battery, it means you have to separately charge your keyboard. So, check how much time it lasts and how frequently you need to charge it. 


Check whether the keyboard case provides any protection for your iPad and apple pencil. And if yes! Then how much protection can it provide and is it reliable? 

iPad shortcut keys

Using shortcut keys, you can perform various functions directly from the keyboard. And you don’t need to search your control panel. 

The shortcut keys include functions for Home, screen brightness(down & up), on-screen keyboard, search, Key brightness down & up, media controls previous, play/pause and next track, Volume mute, down & up, and Lock. 

So, if you use keyboard shortcuts, then make sure the keyboard should have a full row of shortcut keys. 


Check how you can use the keyboard case. Is it foldable, or detachable? So that you can detach or fold the case once you’re done typing.


Last but not least, check whether you can afford the price. Is that price worthy of your needs? 

Look and Design:

Check how your keyboard case looks so that it matches your taste. 

I tried to mention all these factors for each of the above keyboard cases. If you need more information about any of the above keyboards, you can click on a link for the respective keyboards and from there you get all the information about that keyboard case.

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