Rocketbook Fusion Review 2023 | Things You Should Know Before Buying

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Are you confused to decide whether you should get Rocketbook fusion or not? If so, read this Rocketbook fusion review guide to clear your doubts. 

Right now, you might have questions like.

  • What exactly will I get with Rocketbook fusion?
  • How does Rocketbook Fusion actually work?
  • How much will Rocketbook Fusion cost?
  • What are the benefits of getting Rocketbook Fusion?
  • And many more. 

I’m going to cover all these queries and many more. And after reading this Rocketbook fusion review guide, you have a clear vision. And this will help you to decide whether you should get Rocketbook Fusion. 


Let’s directly jump into the Rocketbook Fusion review guide!

Quick Overview of Rocketbook Fusion Review

Let’s have a quick look at Rocketbook fusion to know its key specifications and what things you will get. 

Size: Executive | Letter size 

Page Style: 7 different page styles

No. of pages: 42 reusable pages

Colour options: 11

1 free pilot friction pen + microfiber cloth

Price: From $22 to $37 (Check the exact price)

What is Rocketbook Fusion?

Rocketbook brand is best known for its reusable and smart notebooks. It offers you many types of reusable notebooks, and each is designed for a specific purpose.  

The core features of Rocketbook fusion will remain the same, as it also allows you to write, scan, share and reuse. 

The question is, what is special about Rocketbook Fusion?

Everything remains almost the same as in other Rocketbook versions. The only difference is with Rocketbook fusion, you will get 7 different page styles. It means you will get pre-designed templates for your pages, which allow you to quickly organize, plan, and write.  

Detailed Rocketbook Fusion Review 

Now you know a brief idea about Rocketbook fusion, let’s discuss Rocketbook fusion in detail. 

Ready? Let’s dive in!


Rocketbook is an eco-friendly notebook. We all know that to fulfil the demand for paper, trees are being cut down from the forest, which is affecting our environment. So, Rocketbook is reusable which means you can use the same paper again & again and stop paper wastage to a little extent, but it matters a lot. 

Rocketbook fusion will not last for a lifetime, but you can use it for years. 

👉Reusable Pages with 7 Different Page Styles 

With Rocketbook Fusion you will get 42 reusable pages. The best thing is it has 7 different page styles. The style of the pages is the only big difference which makes it unique from other Rocketbook versions. 

Here is the list of 7-page styles which you will get with your Rocketbook Fusion. 

Page StylesNo. of pageDescription
Task list1Best for listing down tasks, such as a to-do list.
Weekly planner2Best for planning your week.
Monthly planner2Best for planning your month.
OKR goal template1Best for writing your goals.
Idealist1Best for writing all your ideas in one place.
Dot-grid18Best for sketching and designing graphs
Lined pages18Best for taking notes in an organized way.

So, therefore Rocketbook Fusion is the best reusable notebook for organizing and planning. Because you have a pre-made template to quickly start. 

Let’s suppose you want to plan your week. You can use a weekly planner page to organize and plan tasks on a weekly basis. Similarly, there are other page styles which you can use as per your needs. 

Rocketbook fusion is for you if you want planning & organizing page styles along with lined & grid pages. 

If you only want lined or grid pages, then Rocketbook fusion is not for you. For that, the Rocketbook core is perfect. 

👉Easily Write With Fusion Pen, Marker or any other Highlighter 

With your Rocketbook fusion, you will get 1 free pilot fusion pen which you can use to write. 

But what if you enjoy using different markers or highlighters?

No worries! Because Rocketbook fusion allows you to use any marker or highlighter of your choice. So, this is a great thing, because you can also use other markers or highlighters to make your notes more beautiful. 

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to give ink 15 seconds to dry and bound on pages.

👉Digitize Your Handwritten Notes Using Rocketbook APP

Rocketbook has its own application which you can download for free on IOS and android. 

The Rocketbook app allows you to digitize your handwritten notes. Once you’re done writing on Rocketbook, you can scan your pages with the Rocketbook app. 

On every page of Rocketbook Fusion, there is a unique QR code. Scan your page and the app will create a digital version of your handwritten notes. Further, you can organize your notes and blast them to your favoured cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, email and more. 

Key Features of Rocketbook APP:

  • Free to use for both Android and iOS.
  • Scan your notes easily for future use. 
  • Blast your notes on your favoured cloud. 
  • Use the smart search feature to quickly find your scans.
  • Set up 7 symbols to quickly organize your notes in the desired destination. (will discuss in the next points)

👉Quick Sharing Symbols on Each Page

Another cool thing is on each page of Rockebook fusion you will get 7 symbols. You can assign a specific location to these symbols using your Rocketbook app. And this will help you to quickly organize and share your notes in the desired place.

So, what does it mean?

Firstly, use the Rocketbook app and assign each symbol a specific destination for storage. Like you can set up the first symbol for Gmail. 

So, once you are done writing, you can cross the first symbol that you’ve assigned to Gmail. When you scan your page, the Rocketbook app will read this symbol and directly send your notes to Gmail. 

The cool thing is, you will get 7 symbols, which you can assign to store your writings in 7 different places. So, this is how easily you can organize your notes and share them with others. 

👉Easily Clean Pages to Reuse 

Cleaning your Rocketbook fusion is quite easy. 

Along with your Rocketbook fusion, you will get free microfiber cloth. To clean your pages, take a damp cloth and clean your pages to start over again. 

This is how easily you can clear your Rocketbook fusion pages to reuse again!

👉Rocketbook Size and Color 

Rocketbook gives you the option to choose a size and colour as per choice. Here are the options for colour and size. 

Rockebook Size

Rocketbook Fusion comes in two different sizes, executive and letter size.

  • Executive(8.5″ x 11″6″ x 8.8″): Best size if you’re looking for a professional diary-type reusable notebook .
  • Letter size(8.5″ x 11″): This size is usually best for students because you will get more space to take your notes. 

Rocketbook Color

Rocketbook offers you 11 colours to choose from and you can pick one as per your interest. So, there is not only one colour but you have 11 options to pick one as per your choice. 

👉Rocketbook Price 

Now, it’s time to discuss the important thing which is the price. 

The price varies based on size, colour, country, region, currency and many other factors. 

The average price of the Rocketbook Fusion varies from $22 to $37. 

So, if you want to know the exact price, you can check here. Make sure to choose your desired size, colour and currency to know how much it will cost you. 

How Does Rocketbook Fusion Work?

Rocketbook fusion is quite easy to use and here is how you can use it:

Write: Use any pilot frixion pen to write on Rocketbook fusion.

Organize: Mark the cross symbol on the page to quickly organize & send your pages to the desired location.

Scan & Share: Scan the page and share it with others using the free Rocketbook app for future use. 

Reuse: Clean your pages with a damp microfiber cloth and use it again!

Final Thoughts on Rocketbook Fusion Review

I hope you now have detailed information about Rocketbook Fusion, how it works, what you will get and how much it cost you. 

All you need to do is decide what features you need most and how much you can spend. Then accordingly decide if Rocketbook fusion is for you. 

If it is perfect for your needs and budget? Then you can get it here

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