How to Become a Computer Programmer | 9 Best Steps

how to become a computer programmer

Are you searching for a step by step guide to learn how to Become a Computer Programmer? Then continue reading this career guide. If you’re a beginner and your goal is to be a computer programmer but don’t to from where to start and What to do and how to learn to be a programmer. I’m pretty much sure that after reading this guide you will be able to answer how to become a computer programmer.

Let’s quickly have a look that what topics are covered in this article, What does a computer programmer do, how to be a Programmer for beginners in 8 steps, How to start learning coding and many more topics related to how to learn to be a programmer. Moreover, you will learn bonus tips that will help you be a successful computer programmer.

If you want to jump to any particular section of how to become a computer programmer, then use the below table of contents to navigate between different sections.

Before you learn that how to become a computer programmer you must know what is computer programming and What does a computer programmer do? So let’s quickly discuss these basic points then we will proceed to the main topic i.e how to become a computer programmer.

What is Computer Programming?

Nowadays, In every field different kind of applications, software, websites, operating systems and other computer applications are used to automate the work. All of these applications and software are developed using programming languages. Computer Programming is the process of writing code that tells the computer or software that what to do and how to perform the specific function.

To write Code, different kind of programming languages are used such as C, C++, Java, Phyton, Javascript and many more. Computer Programming is a very vast and continuous field if you’re thinking to make your career in this field then it’s really a very great idea!

What Does A Computer Programmer Do?

A Computer programmer writes the coding for a program, application, website or operating system to tell the software what to do and which function to perform, when to perform and many more. Computer progammers are experts in differnt programming langauges. A computer programmer is a collaborative word that we generally use. But in actual, there is various kind of programmers and it depends on what kind of coding they do.

Here is a list of functions to answer what does a computer programmer Do:

  • Write codes to tell the computer what to do and how to perform a function.
  • They write code according to the software design and tells how to execute that design properly.
  • Computer programmers write codes to develop and design websites and the programmer who is specialized in developing websites is called a web Developer.
  • Write programmes to develop the operating system.
  • The coding of all applications that we use is done by a computer programmer.
  • Any kind of function that is performed by computing devices is coded by a computer programmer.

Now, you’ve got an idea that What is computer programming and What does computer programmers Do? Let’s dive to know how to become a computer programmer step by step.

How to Become a Computer Programmer: 9 Steps For Beginners

The goals come true only when you follow the path step by step. To become a computer programmer follow these 9 steps one by one

  • Things to know before how to learn to be a programmer
  • Choose a Way to be a programmer
  • Decide your specialization
  • How to learn to be a programmer
  • Practice, analyze and improve programming
  • Develop your skills
  • Build Resume cover letter and portfolio
  • Decide you career
  • Keep learning and keep growing.

Let’s discuss these 9 points to know how to become a computer programmer and why these steps are important to follow.

Things to Know Before How to learn to be a Programmer

No doubt, Programming is the most demanded field and you will get lots of career opportunities with a decent amount of salary. But you have to do lots of hard work to achieve that point. Lots of patience, hard work and consistency are required to learn programming for beginners. Programming is hard for beginners but if you’re passionate then it would not that much difficult for you.

To learn to program you need to put an immense amount of time into it because there are no such programming languages that you can learn overnight. So if you’re ready to put efforts and have time and patience then go with programming languages. So before moving to the next step of how to become a computer programmer. Ask a simple question from yourself i.e Is I’m ready to start programming as a career.

If yes! then move further to know the next steps that you’ve to follow for how to become a computer programmer.

Choose a Way For How to Be a Programmer for beginners

When you decided to get into the programming field, next you’ve to choose a proper way. To Become a computer programmer there are two ways which you can follow. First, you can pursue a professional degree or course relevant to computer programming and second, you can just learn programming skills from online courses. Both ways are great to become a Computer programmer.

The courses to become a programmer are bachelors’ technology in computer science & Engineering, Bachelors of technology in information technology and you can also choose BCA(bachelors of computer application).

But there are few things that you’ve to know before choosing your way let’s explore these things so that you can decide easily what is the perfect way for you.

  • IT companies and MNCs hire only graduate students. If you want to do a job in the IT industry or MNCs then you must have a professional degree.
  • Otherwise, if your dream is to be a freelance programmer then you can only learn programming skills means no requirement of any degree or course.

In freelancing, you get the project on the basis of your skills only. But for a job both degree and programming skills are required. I would suggest you do a degree course and start learning programming skills side by side but again the decision is yours which way you want to follow for how to be a computer programmer.

Decide Your Specialization

The programming field is very vast hence there are many kinds of programming jobs are available. There are different type of programmer for every job role and they are specialized in relevant programming languages. On the basis of job role, the following are the main types of programmers

  • Web- Developer ( Front end & Back end )
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Software Programmers
  • Programmer Analysts
  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • UI/UX developer
  • And many more

Now you decide your specialization whether you want to be a web developer, Mobile app developer, Full stack web developer or anything else.

How To learn to Be a Programmer

Have you decided on your specialization or field of programming? Yes! then great. if not then you’ve to decide your specialization before moving to the next step i.e how to start learning coding. Your job title or specialization will decide that what programming languages you need to learn.

If you want to be a mobile app developer then learn programming languages like Java or Swift. For front end web developer you have to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. And for other specialization, you have to learn other programming languages like python, XML, Ruby and many more.

From Where and How to Start Learning Coding?

We are living in the digital world and now you can learn everything from the comfort of your place and you just need an internet connection. Google and Youtube are two main resources from where you can start learning coding for free according to your schedule and this is how to start learning coding.

If you want to learn coding by reading then google is the best platform. There is a number of websites that will help you to learn to code. Another great option is by watching videos tutorial on youtube. Apart from this, you can enrol for online courses and they will also provide you certification. If you want to be a certified programmer then online courses are the best fit for you.

Practice, Analyze and Improve Programming

In the exploration of how to become a computer programmer next step is to practice, analyze and improve coding. Practice is the key to success to be a computer programmer because programming is not a theoretical concept. You can only understand the concept of programming languages by practising it. The more you practice you will become more expert in programming. To practice programming language download the code editor on your desktop or laptop. In the code editor, you can write programs and run them. Find bugs in programmes and try to fix bugs by own to be a perfect programmer.

Programming will become interesting for you when you start practising it daily. Don’t be panic if you’re not able to understand the concepts of programming initially. Because learning programming for a beginner is a difficult and time taking process.

Do practice, analyze your programming skills and check the weak parameters. Again work on weak programming parameters to improve them i.e how to learn to be a programmer.

Develop Your Skills

Do you want to know that how to become a computer programmer who can make a successful career as a programmer? To be a successful programmer start developing your skillset along with programming skills. There are other skills that will help you in the journey of how to become a computer programmer like communication, a positive attitude, creative and presentation skills. Learn and practice programming skills and side by side also improve your basic skill set to get placed in top companies like IT Industry and MNCs.

Build Resume, Cover letter and Portfolio

The three things resume, cover letter and portfolio help you to land your first programming job. Now, you’ve learned how to learn to be a programmer. These three things will help you to represent your skillset to the person who is interviewing you.

  1. A resume is a document that includes your basic personal information, contact details, education, hobbies, skills, training & certifications, experience (if any), and other related information. You can use Microsoft Word to create your resume but if you want to make a highly professional resume then use designing software like canva.
  2. A Cover letter is a proposal for a job and in this, you’ve to write how efficiently you can perform the job and why you’re the best fit for this job. If you’re applying for a job in the IT industry then a cover letter is not required but for freelancing and remote jobs, it is necessary.
  3. A portfolio contains your working sample and What you can do to make your portfolio. Simply add your coding samples and results in one place to show to the interviewer. It will put a highly positive and trustworthy impact on the interviewer. For a job, a portfolio is not necessary but if you want to be a freelancer then it will necessary for you.

Decide Your Career

Now you reached so far in the journey of how to become a computer programmer. You’ve learned various things like what are the ways to be a programmer, the job role of programmer, how to start learning coding and practice programming, what other skills are required and what are the necessary document like resume and cover letter.

Now What is Next?

Well, it’s time to choose the perfect career for you. There are various career options for a programmer and you can choose on the basis of your interest.

Here is the list of different career options for a Computer programmer.

  • IT company
  • MNCs
  • Public and Government Sector jobs
  • Start your own business.
  • Remote or work from home jobs
  • Freelancing
  • Teaching profession.

Keep learning, Keep Growing

The last step but not least in the journey of how to become a computer programmer is to keep learning and keep growing. Computer programming is a technical field and technology is getting developed day by day. To keep yourself up to date with programming language always keep learning. Continuous learning will help you to make a succesfull career as a computer programmer.

Now you’ve successfully learned 9 Steps for how to become a computer programmer. Let’s move further to know some other tips that will be helpful for you!

Bonus Tips For How To Become A Computer Programmer

You’ve reached the end of this article and it shows that you are really passionate about your dream to be a computer programmer. I would like to give you some bonus tips that will help you throughout the journey of how to learn to be a programmer.

  • Programming is a great field to make a successful career but it requires lots of effort and patience. So Never give up and give proper time to learn to programming languages.
  • Don’t be dependent upon your university or college to learn to programming. Be a self-learner and passionate to achieve your programmer dream.
  • If you’re not able to pay lots of money for online courses or stuff like that don’t worry. Everything is available on the internet for free but you have to search for stuff.
  • Practice is the key to success so keep practising to be a computer programmer.

I hope this career guide will help you to understand that what steps you have to follow for how to become a computer programmer. I have covered almost every question but if your answer is not covered and you’ve something in your mind related to how to learn to be a programmer then feel free to ask in the comment section. I would like to answer your queries ASAP.

Happy learning!

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