What Are The Career Options After Btech CSE? Top 22

what are the career options after btech cse

Are you wondering that what to do after completing bachelors of technology in computer science? There are various career options after b.tech CSE. But due to lack of career guidance, b.tech CSE students just know about few career options.

Are you want to know what are the career options after Btech CSE?

YES! then this career guide is for you. Here In this guide, we’re going to cover almost every possible career option that you can choose after earning a degree in computer science engineering. Moreover, you will get bonus tips at the end of this guide on “what are the career options after b.tech CSE” and these tips will help you to make a successful career.

Let’s dive into what are the career options after Btech CSE!

What Are the Career Options After Btech CSE

B.tech in computer science is one of the fastest-growing sectors and there is a pool of career opportunities are also available. As we’re living in the digital world and computer is almost used in every field from an IT company to hospital as well. Hence plenty of career options are available in every field.

But here is one question? If plenty of career options are available for CSE graduates then why many Computer science engineers are unemployed?

The simple answer is, most CSE students are not aware of, “what are the career options after BTech CSE”. They think that only IT companies hire CSE graduates.

Do you also think that only IT companies provide jobs to B.tech CSE graduates? Then you also don’t know about other most demanded career options. Don’t worry in this complete guide you’re going to explore many other career options that you can choose. I’m pretty much sure, after completing this career guide, you will able to properly answer: what are the career options after BTech CSE.

Are you excited to know what are the career options after Btech CSE? Obviously, you’re excited that’s why you’re here with me so let’s dive into this guide!

Top 22 Career Options After B.tech CSE

There are many other career options are also available but you will learn the top 22 career options after completing a bachelor’s degree in computer science. I’ve divided these career options into three parts so that you can better understand that what are the career options after BTech CSE.

The three main categories in which you can make your career are Higher studies, employment and self-employment options. Based on these three main categories we’re going to explore the world of career opportunities for a CSE graduate.

Higher Stuides Career options

After completing a b.tech in CSE, you can choose various higher studies course if you want to earn a master’s degree in computer science. But if you’re not willing to do higher studies then in the next part on “what are the career options after Btech CSE ” you will learn various other career options. This career option is only for those who are interested in higher studies.

Let’s have a look at the higher study courses that you can choose after successfully completing b.tech in CSE.

1) Master’s Degree Courses

Master’s Degree courses are basically 2-year course and to take admission in Masters’s course you need to have at least 55% marks in bachelor’s degree. After that, you can take admission in masters’ courses but if you’re looking to earn a master’s degree in a well-reputed course then go for the GATE exam. GATE is an entrance exam for a master’s degree course and on the basis of your scores, you will get admission to a college or university. Here is the list of master’s course that you can opt

  • M.tech in computer science
  • Master’s of Computer application (MCA)
  • Masters of Bussines administration (MBA)
  • M.Sc in Computer Science
  • M.Phil in advanced computer Science
  • and other related master’s degree course of computer science

2) Doctoral Degree Course

If your interest is in research then a doctoral degree course is the best fit for you means P.hD. After completing the b.tech CSE you can take admission in p.hd for research. A wide range of subjects is available for CSE graduates based on your interests you can choose your subjects for research. While working in a company or college you can pursue your p.hd degree. You can prepare for fellowship exams like CSIR, ICAR and DST to take admission in P.hd.

Now, let’s move further to the next part of what are the career options after BTech CSE and learn various other career options that you can choose according to your taste.

Employment Career Opportunities

While exploring what are the career options after BTech CSE, the next part is employment career options. A wide range of employment career options are available for b.tech CSE graduates as computer science engineering is the most demanded field. Employment Career opportunities are those in which you work under an organization, company or firm. The employer of the company hires you as an employee for a specific job. A variety of jobs are available in the market.

Here is the types of different jobs based on their nature

  • Full-time job
  • Part-time job
  • Remote or work from home jobs

An 8 working hours job is called a full-time job and most companies hire for full-time jobs. But there are some companies that also hire for part-time means 4 hours job on the basis of their requirement. There are few opportunities for a part-time job as compared to a full-time one. But if you’re doing a higher study or something else then you can choose a part-time job to earn some extra money for your expenditure.

On the other hand In remote or work from home jobs, you can work from your comfort zone from your office, home or any place. Everything is going digital hence some companies also started hiring from remote positions.

Every company didn’t hire for the remote position but there are some companies that work remotely. Now, you can decide what kind of job you want to do whether full-time, part-time or Remote job.

Let’s move further and explore the next part of what are the career options after Btech CSE!

Career Options in IT Industry

As we discussed the job of a computer science engineer is not limited to only the IT field but there are many other sectors, like banking, government and education departments where you can work after completing your bachelor’s degree in computer science. Firstly we will look at the career options that are available in the IT industry and following are the main job profiles for a CSE graduate.

3) Computer Programmer

Computer programmer mainly writes code for different computing applications and they are expert in programming languages. If you passionate about coding then this career option is for you. As daily new computer functions are developed hence the requirement of a computer programmer is increasing day by day. To Become a computer programmer you must have practical knowledge of programming languages.

If you don’t like programming then don’t worry we’re going to discuss many more career options for you in this career guide on “what are the career options after btech cse”

4) Web Designer

Web designing is the process of designing websites for personal, business, government, commercial and any other use. The person who designs the websites is called a web designer The job of a web designer is very interesting and you must have knowledge of the web- designing languages. The most commonly HTML, CSS, PHP and Mysql are used for designing the websites. The pool of jobs is available for web designers as every business need websites for their online presence.

5) Hardware Engineer

The next great career option is you can become a hardware engineer after completing a bachelor of technology in computer science. The job role of a hardware engineer includes designing, developing, testing, producing and maintaining physical components of the computer system. The microprocessor chips, CPU, circuit boards, servers and all other components are designed by hardware engineers.

They also inspect the physical components of a computer system to ensure that all components are working fine. If any components have any issue then recovery and maintenance are also done by the hardware engineer. For every purpose like designing, developing, testing, producing and maintaining a different job title is assigned to the hardware engineer.

6) Software Engineer

As hardware engineer design and develop physical components in the same way software components are designed and developed by software engineers. The principles of software engineering and programming languages are used to design, develop and maintain software. In our daily life, we use a wide range of different software for different purpose and all these software’s are designed by software engineers. Apart from daily use software’s are also used in business, companies, governments and the military sectors and all these different software’s are developed by software engineers.

7) Software Tester

If you are not interested in designing and developing software, then you can choose software testing. The main job role of a software tester is to ensure that software is free from all kind of errors and ready to launch. Software engineer develops the software according to the requirements and before launching a software it is necessary to test software from different aspects. For this purpose, software testers are hired and multiple vacancies are available for software tester in the market. The different techniques are used like manual and automated testing to test software against bugs.

8) Computer Network Architect

A Computer network architect is an expert in computer networking and responsible for designing, installing and maintaining network communication. A computer network is a medium of communication between computing devices. What do you ever think? That who is maintaining this computer network or working behind communication. So, The computer network architect is responsible for a reliable communication network.

To become a computer network architect you must have knowledge of various network technologies. Every company has their network and they hire computer network architects to design and maintain their business network. If you are interested in networking then you can go for a computer network architect position.

9) Database Administrator

The primary function of a database administrator is to create, maintain, secure and supervise the database of the organization. The database administrator is an expert in database technologies like Mysql, Oracle and other databases. Managing database access, implementing security techniques, integrity, confidentiality, safety and security of data is the responsibility of a database administrator.

The job of a database administrator is not limited to IT companies but banks, financial departments, education institution, hospitals and many other sectors also hire them to maintain their database.

10) Data Scientist

The engineers who are expert in data science are called data scientist and they have extreme knowledge of data science, computer science, mathematics, statistics and engineering. The primary job role of a data scientist is to extract information from complex data to obtain meaningful insights. These insights are further used to solve the problems of companies or organizations. Data Scientists use company database, websites, blogs and other social media platforms to collect data.

11) Machine learning Engineer

The primary job role of a machine learning engineer is to design and develop intelligent and automated machines and systems. The extreme knowledge of machine languages is required to become a machine learning engineer. The demand for machine learning engineer is very high if you want to make your career in this field. Then it’s a great idea and you will get lots of career options in this field as the automated system is most demanded.

12) Mobile App Developer

The next great career option is a mobile app developer and after completing a b.tech in computer science you are eligible to become a mobile app developer. Every day we use a huge amount of mobile app for different purposes and all these applications are developed by the mobile app developer. The key skills of mobile app developer are programming languages and other related skills.

13) Game Developer

As the website and mobile app developer develop a website and mobile application respectively. In the same way, the developer who develops the games is called a game developer. The various online games are available that are used by millions of users for entertainment. All these games are developed by game developers and if you’re interested in gaming then this is a great career option for you!

How to Get A Job in IT Industry

Now you have learned about various job profiles that are available for B.tech CSE graduates but the question is how you get a job?

Well, after completing a bachelor’s degree in computer science you become eligible to apply for these job profiles. But having an only b.tech CSE degree will not gonna help you to grab a job.

To get a job or to get selected in top IT companies you need skills + bachelor’s degree. For every job profile that I mentioned above whether it is a computer programmer, web designer or any other job profile. You need a b.tech CSE degree to become eligible to apply for a job but to get that job you need a relevant skillset.

If you want to become a computer programmer you must have command over programming languages, for a web designer, designing skills like HTML, CSS and Php are required. Whatever job profile you want to choose for your career, corresponding skills you need to get a job.

How You Can Build Skills?

Now, this question might come to your mind that how Can I learn skills? For this no need to go outside or any other place. You can make your strong skillset by sitting at your own place but you just need internet connection and computing device like mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Use Google and Youtube to learn skills from the internet and you can make a strong skillset for free. But if you’re willing to pay some amount of money then you can purchase online courses from well-known online websites.

Career Options in Other Sectors

Next part on what are the career options after BTech CSE is a career option in other sectors. If you’re not interested in working with the IT industry then no need to worry. Here are some other options that you can choose after completing your bachelor’s degree in computer science.

14)Banking Jobs

Yes! A CSE graduate is also eligible to work in the banking sector and for this, you need to prepare for banking exams. Every bank has its own bank exam and there are three main banking exams such as SBI, IBPS and RBI exam. They hire graduates on the basis of exam cutoff. Basically, every banking exam has a two-phase preliminary and main exam. After clearing the main exam, there is an interview and group discussion and this varies from bank to bank.

There is lots of competition for banking jobs you need to work hard in order to crack the cutoff and try your best to score high. The most common job profiles are Clerk and PO but for B.tech CSE graduates there is one special post i.e SBI SO and IBPS SO. If you want to work in the banking industry then this career option is for you.

15)Teaching Jobs

Basically, a masters’ degree is required to become a professor or lecturer. But you can apply for teaching jobs as some educational institutions also hire b.tech CSE graduates for teaching job profiles. You can apply for local colleges or schools and apply for relevant teaching job profiles. Apart from this, you can also work with training organizations or companies. There are many companies that hire a trainer for different skills like, HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, Database and computer networking.

16)Goverment Jobs

For computer science, there are many career opportunities in the government sector as well. Many government sectors hire computer science engineers for various job profiles. Mainly you need to qualify GATE exam if you want to get a government job in the computer science field. You can work as a junior engineer, assistant engineer, senior engineer and many other job profiles.

But there are some other governments options like State level jobs, Railway Jobs, UPSC, IAS, IPS and SSC jobs where no GATE exam is required. But all these sectors have their own competitive exams that you have to clear to get a job in the relevant government sector.

Now, you’ve learned the various employment options for a computer science graduate. But what if you don’t want to be an employee of any organization.

No, worries next part of career options is for you! Are you excited?

YES! Let’s dive into What are the career options after BTech CSE and these career options are the most interesting part of this career guide on what are the career options after BTech CSE.

Self- Employment Career Options

Do you want to Be your own boss or you want to work according to your schedule? YES! that’s are really great idea. Being self-employed is an awesome career option but sometimes we don’t know from where to start to become self-employed.

Let me clear that actually what is self-employment, if somebody is not aware of this. Then these few lines about self-employment will help them to understand.

Basically when you work under somebody else ( means employer) then the company will hire you as an employee and you become the employee of that particular employer. Means you have to work under that employer, according to their rules, regulation, timing and the salary package they offer you.

But in self-employment, you work according to your schedule, rules, timing and you can work from any place in the world. When you become self-employed your work, timing and skills decide your income. It means you are your own boss and whatever your earn is your income and there is no fixed salary, leaves and all that.

Here is list of self-employment career options for you!

17) Become a Freelancer

As a freelancer, you have an opportunity to work for yourself, not for a company. To become a freelancer you need a strong skill set and you can directly contact clients who are looking for relevant work. As we discussed various job profiles, Like computer programmer, web designer, mobile app developer, game developer and many more. For all these profiles you have two options first, that you can work with IT industries and they will pay you a fixed salary.

And another option is for the same job profiles you can work as a freelancer. You can contact the client and showcase your skills and after that negotiate your payment according to the current freelancing rates.

How you can Get freelancing Project or where you can find clients?

If you’re just started your freelancing career then you can find clients on social media platforms, like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. And after gaining some experience that how to communicate with clients start making a profile on the freelancing marketplace.

The most famous freelancing websites are Upwork, Fiverr and people per hour. Here client post freelancing projects on regular basis and you can apply for them.

What you need to Be a Freelancer?

Basically, a strong skill set is required to become a freelancer. Let’s take an example to understand the freelancing concept. Let’s suppose you want to become a web designer. Then if you choose the IT industry for a web designing job then you need a b.tech CSE degree and relevant designing skills.

On the other hand, for a freelance web designer you just need strong web designing skills and no degree is required to become a freelance web designer. Only skills matter in freelancing and how you present your skills in front of a client.

To showcase your skills two documents are most commonly used. One is the cover letter and another is an online portfolio.

18)Create Your Blog

Next, a great self-employed career option is to become a blogger. You’ve done computer science engineering now you have a great piece of knowledge of computer science and other related skills. You can start your own blog where you can share valuable and informative content related to computer science. It can be subject knowledge, career guidance, and you can teach any skills like programming, designing, development, testing and any other skills.

Blogging is easy to start but you need to put in lots of effort, patience and time to make a successful career in blogging. Apart from computer science, if you have any other great and valuable knowledge you can share all over the world through a blog.

19) Youtube Creator

Another great opportunity is to create your youtube channel and it’s another way to share valuable content all over the world. In a blog, you have to write your content and the audience can read it from your blog. But if you don’t like writing then you can create a youtube channel. Basically, a youtube channel provides video content.

You have done computer science engineering and they are a wide range of skills and knowledge that you’ve learned during your degree. You can share valuable information with your audience through youtube video content and earn a decent amount of money from it.

20) Become an Online Tutor

Do you like to teach others? YES! then online tutoring is a great career option for you. By sitting at your own home and according to your schedule you can teach others. There are many online tutoring websites that hire online tutors. You can choose a computer science engineering subject or any other subject that you like to teach.

Apply for an online tutor on that websites and follow their registration steps. If you successfully passed all the phases of their application process, Then you become eligible to start your online tutoring career.

21) Content Writer

Do you like writing? Then this career option is especially for you! The freelance content writer job is to write content for websites, social media, e-book and any other content. There are various niches in which you can work as a content writer. But as you’ve done computer science engineering and it’s a technical field. You can become a technical content writer and the client will pay your per word, per article or per hour rate.

As there are a number of website and the content you see on websites is written by content writers. There are websites that hire others to write content for their websites or blog. If you’re interested in writing then freelance content writing is a great career option and the most demanded skills with a decent income.

22) Startup or Bussiness

If your dream is to become a businessman or businesswoman then this career option is for you. There are various business ideas for a CSE engineer that you can start. If you want to start a business related to computer science then you can start your own company to develop software, website designing, mobile app development and you can also start a tech support and repair company.

And many more business ideas and based on your interest you can start your own business. You can open a training institution, learning centre or any other tech business. If you’re not interested in tech then you can also start any other business that you want to start.

Now you’ve successfully learned 22 career option in this career guide on what are the career options after BTech CSE. and now its’s time to learn bonus tips.

Bonus Tips For you!

Now you reached the end of “what are the career options after BTech CSE” and I’m pretty much sure that you’re dedicated to making your career so here are some bonus tips that I would like to share with you!

  • Make your clear goal I mean choose what you want to be whether higher study, employed (job) or self-employed.
  • After deciding your goal choose what you want to be you’ve learned 22 career options while exploring what are the career options after BTech CSE and choose what you want to be.
  • Remember only a degree will not help you to become successful in life you need skills to reach out from the competition.
  • Use a free platform like google and youtube to learn skills related to what you want to become and be passionate to learn.
  • Be a self-learner, Learn new things every day, practice them and then analyze your results and Focus on weak points.
  • Apart from technical skills, brush up your communication and presentation skills and also develop a positive attitude and boost your confidence level.

Final Thoughts

I hope now you’re ready to give an answer for “what are the career options after BTech CSE”. If you still have some questions in your mind then feel free to ask in the comment section. And if you don’t know from where to start and what to do to achieve your goal after Btech in computer science engineering, then you can ask in the comment section. I hope this career guide “what are the career options after BTech CSE” will help you to choose the best fit career option for you!

Happy learning and Choose the Best Career for You!

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