What is Data & Information in DBMS | 5 Differences?

In this tutorial of DBMS, you will learn what is data and information in DBMS and how you can distinguish between data and information.

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What is Data in DBMS?

Data in DBMS are raw facts from which the required information is produced. So, data are distinct pieces of information.

For example, A mobile no 98324792454 is issued to somebody. It is a fact.

Data in DBMS

What is Information in DBMS?

Information in DBMS is processed, organized, or summarized data. It may be defined as a collection of related data that, when put together, becomes a useful message to a recipient.

Example of information: The number given above belongs to Dr S.P.S becomes information.

An information processing system is a combination of hardware and software. Whenever someone gives any input, it is processed and becomes output which is in the form of information. And further users can use this information to make decisions as shown in the diagram below.

What is Information in DBMS

What is the Difference Between Data and Information?

There are many differences between data and information, and some of them are given below:

Data is the raw factsInformation is a processed form of data.
Data is not significant.Information is significant to a business.
Data is the atomic level piece of information.Information is a collection of data.
Data does not help in decision making.The information helps in decision making.
For example, 23 is a dataFor example, Age 23 is an example of information

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